We specialize in flexible and sustainable packaging that boosts your business.

Our motto, “Packaging that protects the future”, underlines our true flexibility in meeting the needs of each customer, following the principles: Quality, Price and Service.

We have the most advanced technology in the industry, helping to ensure these three pillars and strengthening our position as a benchmark company in the national and international market.


Alempack aims to consolidate its position in the food industry packaging market, both nationally and internationally, with products that people depend on every day, and to ensure sustained and balanced growth.


Alempack's main commitments are ethics, transparency and rigor, environmentally responsible manufacturing and the supply of safe, quality products that reduce waste and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.


We want to create a better future for people, for our planet and for our company at every stage of our value chain, ensuring: The effectiveness of our Management System, the Quality and Food Safety of the products we produce, the Quality of our work, the Satisfaction of our Customers, and the preservation of the Environment.

Social Responsibility

We strive to continually train our employees and provide them with an inclusive working environment, so that everyone feels motivated, committed and involved, and in which they can give their best every day. We involve ourselves as much as possible with the community in order to improve everyone's well-being.

Every day the world moves forward with new ideas, new technologies and new priorities. Every day we work to make the world better, safer and more sustainable so that our customers, employees and communities can thrive.


The revolution in recyclable packaging is a reality and Alempack is part of this change.

One of Alempack's main objectives is to preserve the environment through a circular economy, in order to help build a more sustainable future.

We also continue to encourage our partners and customers to adopt more environmentally responsible behaviour.

Circular Economy